Heather Ratliff RN, BSN

Heather Ratliffe RNI’m Heather Ratliff, a Registered Nurse and Health Coach. As a nurse, I help you understand the “right thing to do” to care for your health. As a health coach, I help you identify and prioritize health goals that are personally meaningful to you, so you have motivation beyond plain old, worn out willpower to make changes that support your wellness. I am also trained in Functional Medicine and can help you find the root cause of your illness.

I have a passionate interest in learning about and helping people with weight management, lifestyle change, nutrition and understanding health. I want people to feel good. I act with compassion and honor for your unique combination of strengths and challenges. I work with you to find solutions rather than shout directives at you without regard to your situation.

In addition to my nursing career, I hold a Master’s Degree in science and regularly review the health literature for evidence that supports health claims in the popular literature.

I use my Master’s Degree in Public Administration (the study of government systems) to understand health policy at the local, state and national level.

I’m a fantastic small group facilitator and motivational speaker which gives me a unique combination of assets to support individual and group clients in a safe, confidential atmosphere to pursue health and wellness.

Your wellness journey is my passion.

Learn more about Heather on her website: http://www.thewellnessrn.com/