Pricing-Karen Betten

In order to lower my practice overhead expenses so I am able to spend more time with my patients, I have chosen the direct-pay model for my practice.  Because of this, I do not file claims with or accept payments from any health insurance company, including Medicare and Medicaid.   This allows me the freedom to spend my time taking care of patients, rather than taking care of insurance companies.

This type of practice model is ideal for patients with high-deductible health insurance plans and for those with no health insurance coverage.  It is also ideal for those patients with insurance or Medicare who are willing to pay out of pocket to see a doctor who’s easily accessible and able to give them more personal attention.  (Note that some insurance plans will reimburse you for seeing an out-of-network provider, and upon request I can give you the information needed to complete the form for reimbursement from your insurance company – this does not apply to Medicare.)

First time visits are charged more because of the additional time getting to know the patient.  This includes visit time in the office, as well as the additional time spent obtaining and reviewing previous medical records.

As of November 1, 2016, the fee schedule will be as follows:

Two-Hour New Patient Functional Medicine Intake & Assessment with Functional Medicine Nurse, Heather Ratliff RN: $300

First Visit with Dr. Betten after Initial Intake with Heather: $250

Additional Appointments with Dr. Betten:
25 Minutes: $95
45 Minutes: $150
60 Minutes: $200

Additional Appointments with Functional Medicine Nurse, Heather Ratliff RN:
45 Minutes: $95
60 Minutes: $120

Acupuncture Visit with Dr. Betten: $95 – $150 depending on time and extent of treatment(s)

Email or Phone Visit (established patients only): $40+ depending on time required by physician